Month: August, 2012

Familiologija (gost emisije Milan Rogulja)

O nekim štetnim zračenjima, ali i kako da se zaštitimo od njih. Poslusajte izlaganje Milana Rogulje u emisiji Familiologija.

Urgent Need for Biologically-based EMF Public Exposure Standards

“We, the undersigned, find that current  national government as well as international authority limits do not protect the general public from adverse health effects from electromagnetic fields (EMF) emanating from devices such as power lines, cell phones and all wireless Internet devices and their associated antenna sites. Most of the existing limits on this form of radiation are at a minimum 1 to 10 thousand times too lenient to prudently protect humans from adverse health effects ranging from Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, reproduction problems, sleep quality reduction, learning and memory interference, slowed ability of the body to repair damage, immune function decrease, cancer and electrohypersensitivity. Based upon the scientific evidence set forth in The Seletun Statement and the BioInitiative Report.”

Please sign this very important Biologically-based EMF petition   –>

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